Accelerated Construction Services in the Bridgeport newspaper on the Dan Cava Project.

Nearly $1.5 million in major construction work is under way in the city thanks to two projects located in two of the most heavily traveled and visited areas of Bridgeport. Community Development Director Randy Spellman confirmed that building permits have been issued to Dan Cava and Ulta and work has begun on both projects.

The permit for Ulta, described by its Web site as the largest beauty retailer in the United States and the premier beauty destination for cosmetics, fragrance, skin, hair care products and salon services, received a permit for $360,000.

Barricades have already been put in place in front of the three store fronts it is replace. Once completed, Ulta will occupy 9,100 square feet. The work is being done by Marco Construction.

“We’ve talked with Cafaro Company (which owns the Meadowbrook Mall property and manages it) and one of the engineers involved as they’ve been moving forward and modifying their plans,” said Spellman. “We know they’re very excited and from the best I can gather they are shooting to be open in August or September.”

The vacant space previously consisted of three stores; two of which have relocated. One of the storefronts now vacant previously housed Flash Digital Photography, which no longer has a presence at the mall. The other two stores are both locally owned and highly popular stores – Xtreme Sports and the WV Fan Zone. Xtreme Sports has been relocated to an area across from Victoria Secret, while the WV Fan Zone has moved to an area near Sear’s. For those that have taken a peek at the vacant space, they would see the relocation signs on the former business sites.

The permit for Dan Cava, who owns and operates Dan Cava Toyota World just off Interstate 79 near White Hall in Marion County, is for $1.1 million. Cava is building Dan Cava’s Used Car World at the location at the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Lodgeville Road. The site is the former Johnson Center Plaza that was leveled by fire in April of 2013.

Cava, a Bridgeport resident, pledged that the location would be aesthetically pleasing and it appears based on the building permit, he’s putting his money where his mouth is. Cava said that with property acquisition costs and other costs needed to make the project happen, the investment in the city will be roughly $3 million.

“This is going to end up being a very classy looking building and a great addition on that end of town. It’s going to be a very impressive structure,” said Spellman. “He’s making a very large investment in Bridgeport.”

Accelerated Construction is handling the project. Omni Associates of Marion County are the architects that created the design for the building. Bridgeport resident and Omni Architect Richard “Dick” Forren is the point man for the design.

The building will cover 9,000 square feet. It will be a one-story structure with a very high interior ceiling. The structure will be engineered steel and block.

The new facility will employ as many as 15 people. Although it will not have service bays, the building is being designed with the potential to add that function. Cava said previously he hopes to have the building open this summer.

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It would be my pleasure to recommend Accelerated Construction Services for all future construction. They were accommodating and patient to all the District’s regulations and requirements.

Thomas M. Ricco, President, Carmichaels Area School District