Bridgeport Connect News does article on Dan Cava’s “Cava World” which Accelerated Construction Services is building.

Dan Cava’s “Car World” Set to Open in March; Multi-Million Dollar Facility Built for Future Use Conversion By Jeff Toquinto on February 21, 2016 If the signs up haven’t ended the rumors, then hearing straight from the business owner’s mouth should. The new, multi-million dollar building situated on the corner of Johnson Avenue and Lodgeville Road is, in fact, going to be a car business. Bridgeport resident Dan Cava said that “Dan’s Car World” will be open within the next few weeks. In fact, he’s hoping to have the doors open by March 1, but weather and a few other factors have to cooperate. dan cava 1 “The inside, for the most part, is done with the exception of a few minor details,” said Cava. “The only thing left is the paving of the front of the building and we hope that asphalt plants will be open here in time to be able to be open by March 1. The back of the property is already paved and after the paving is done, we’ll have do some flower beds and landscaping, but we’re ready to go.” Already, cars for sale are in the showroom portion of the building, while several others are lined up outside. That, too, should end the thoughts of many that the building was going to serve a different type of commercial purpose. For months, many in the area believed the building was going to house a strip mall. The rumors gained further fuel when there were multiple utility hookups put in place to service the structure when only one is needed per business. Add to the fact the buildings design is far from a few walls and a roof with a look and layout that would easily hold multiple businesses and thus the rumor mill began. “I had the building designed like that on purpose and it’s designed so that it could be converted easily into another used. In the event that I retire in 15 or 20 years or another opportunity came up, there’s no reason to limit myself or a future owner on what could be done,” he said. “It’s such a nice piece of property that it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to design the building for one specific use.” dan cava 2 The building on the property in question isn’t done. Cava said there is definitely room for additional structures and he plans on doing another building on site to meet service needs. That addition could put Cava’s investment in the property that formerly housed the Johnson Center Shopping Plaza in the $4 million range. “I’ve already went well over $3 million on this and after that I stopped counting,” Cava said with a laugh. “I like the finished product and I like the inside better than the outside. When I started this I promised that I would do a building that would look good. I don’t think you’ll find a better looking used car building in the area or even the state for that matter. If there is one I don’t know where it’s at. I wanted to do something different and hopefully I’ve succeeded.” Cava, as many know, operates Dan Cava’s Toyota World in Marion County just off of Interstate 79 at the old Middletown Mall exit. However, Cava said he plans on spending most of his time at the new location in Bridgeport, which is just down the road from his home. “I’m looking forward to this,” he said. “I didn’t want to take this piece of property and destroy it and I think we’ve succeeded.” Editor’s Note: Top photo shows Dan Cava working with a contractor earlier in the process, while he’s shown outside the finished building earlier this week. Check out the gallery below for photos of some construction and a look at the finished product.

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